Mitchell Newton is a classical guitarist, composer and music teacher born and based in the scenic Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Since completing his B.Mus (Hon) and earning a space on the Dean's Merit List for academic achievement at Western Sydney University Mr.Newton has steadily been building a strong reputation as a classical guitarist capable of presenting the most technically demanding pieces with skill and musical sensitivity as well as crafting original music able hit powerful climaxes but also float you through explorations of sound and texture before leaving you to ponder the experience. Although highly interested in contemporary classical and avant-garde music and sounds (to the point of performing pieces falling into these musical styles quite often with great technical skill) and his own compositional practice Mitchell is quite adept at many musical genres and approaches. The most common repertoire he performs is closer the standard of classical guitar (including Bach, Brouwer, Sor, Tarrega etc.) but programs still tend to favour the inclusion of more modern sounds and original music or improvisations. While Mitchell is most notable for hos performance in classical genres he has technical proficiency in modern and traditional music as well and has playing in groups such as folk groups of different styles (most notably Spanish and South American), a number of small metal bands both as a member and filling in and the bassist of a punk trio. If you would like to hear some of Mitchell's previous performances, hire Mitchell for a wedding, party or function or see upcoming public performances visit the Weddings/Private Events tab and Concerts/Public Events tab.

In his compositional practice Mitchell draws from a number of musical and extra musical inspirations. Creating mostly exploratory music looking at texture and sound itself Mitchell creates deeply thought provoking and stimulating sound worlds that are developed to tap into a sonic narrative generally more approachable than the works the genre is known for without sacrificing nuance or depth of expression or meaning. To hear examples of Mitchell's work or learn more about his approach and practice visit the Composer tab. Combining all of this experience Mitchell is able to tailor the music lessons he offers to suit individuals or groups of all ages and skill levels in Springwood, Blue Mountains. The private tuition Offered by Mitchell is the best option for people in the Blue Mountains or Penrith looking for a guitar tutor who genuinely cares, will put the effort in and has the experience, knowledge and training required to back it up. To learn more visit the Guitar Lessons page or to sign up for lessons go to the Contact page.